When it comes to shipping, there are seemingly infinite shipping solutions for your WooCommerce store. To understand what solution is right for your business, it is best to schedule a consultation with a developer. Part of having a website professionally developed is that you can lean on the developer’s knowledge and experience when selecting what shipping options are right for your business.

Built in Shipping Options

The built-in shipping configurations are great for customers who offer simple flat-rate shipping options that won’t change too much over time. We recommend that you do some research regarding current shipping rates and add a little bit to that amount to cover the “handling” of the products.

UPS, FedEX, and Carriers

Many shipping companies offer WooCommerce integration so that your store can generate pricing based on their current shipping rates. They integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce store as long as everything is configured properly. This is why providing accurate product information is so important.