Websites for a Start Up Business

Launching a new business is a stressful process. While a website is vital to your business, not all companies are ready for a website right away. If you’re a start-up business looking for a website, there are a few things to consider before you are ready to request a quote. Use our checklist below to determine just how ready you are for a start-up website.

Do You Have A Company Name?

Have you named your new business? If you have not, you’re not ready to secure a domain name unless your domain will not be related to your business name… Which most companies are. We also prefer you have a legally established business name so that we can conduct business with you, otherwise, all of your obligations to our company will be backed by your person rather than your entity.

Do You Have A List Of Products/Services With Descriptions?

What does your business do or make? Do you have a list of services with a summary of each service? If the answer is no, you are not ready for a website quote. Website professionals base your web design around the content you have to bring to the table. While we’re more than happy to write content for you, we require your guidance to come up with the material. For example, say you are opening a construction company. Construction company is a broad category to work from. Having a list of services you offer gives internet professionals an idea of what keywords to work into the construction of your website so that when your website is finished, it’s searchable by search engines like Google.

Do You Have Contact Information?

This seems like a silly question, but not all the folks who contact our office for a start-up website are ready to open their doors. While it’s not 100% necessary to begin the website project, it’s helpful to have phone numbers and an address. If you are planning on opening a store but have not signed a lease, you probably are not ready for the website portion of your business as you still have tasks to manage before you can be up and running. The same goes for phone numbers. If you plan on running your company but keeping your address private, at the very least you should offer prospective clients a phone number to contact you.

Are You In The Early Planning Phases?

If you have not settled on the ins and outs of your daily operation and the services or products you offer, you are not ready for a website. We do offer consulting for parties interested in developing their business ideas and how that information will translate to the web. Our consultation includes research and strategy suggestions with the potential to save you thousands of dollars, even if you don’t choose to do your website or marketing through us.