Social Media Management & Marketing

There are several social media websites and deciding where to focus your efforts can be tricky. To add to the confusion, each platform has different quirks— and their algorithms update regularly. Then there is that pesky issue of time: the time to think of a creative strategy, regular posts (even when things aren’t that exciting around the shop), and ways to build your audience and get them to engage more.

We Work With You

The reality is that very few business owners have time to run their social media pages. No matter who manages your social media page, they’ll need your input: your pictures, updates on your business, etc. It’s nice to have reminders and ideas coming from a team you can count on. That’s where we come in.


Facebook is the most popular social website with the highest number of users (over 2 billion). The popular social networking site has a variety of features that can be used to build better relationships with your audience. For example, you can use Facebook groups to add to existing membership services you offer, delivering a more personalized experience when your people aren’t at your space. This method works great for gyms, coaches, and other businesses that grow by the personal connections they make.

The major challenge businesses deal with on Facebook is ensuring their posts are seen. Since Facebook rolled out it’s advertising feature, businesses have seen a steady decline in engagement. This forces businesses to pay to boost their posts so they can reach more people. We help clients manage their Facebook strategy and balance out their ads to better engage with their audience.


Many companies benefit from sharing their know-how on YouTube. It establishes them as an expert in their field and gives them an organic way to reach new people. While this platform isn’t for every business, it can be a great way for professionals to attract more clients and/or audience. When you have a large YouTube audience it can open new revenue streams for your business.

YouTube is also a great way to show up higher in search engine results. Carefully optimized videos can get you visibility in Google results, especially if there aren’t many videos related to the topic you’re targeting.


Twitter’s biggest recent change has been in the number of characters users can share. At first, users were limited to 140 character snippets, including the link. Now users can use 280 characters.

Businesses have advertising options on Twitter in addition to Twitter Analytics to measure how posts are performing. And much like Instagram, hashtags are a great way to build conversations around your business. It’s also a good way to show up better in search results.


Instagram continued to grow after Facebook purchased them. However many users have found themselves frustrated because that lead to a change in the algorithm and in the number of ads users see on the platform. Instagram used to show you posts in chronological order with separate feeds to show more popular posts of interest. This gave users a chance to build strong organic (non-paid) followings— and ensured that majority of their audience could see their posts. Now many popular pages report drops in engagement and feel pressure to pay for ads if they want their posts to be seen.

This doesn’t mean that Instagram isn’t worth the time. In fact, in one of the best ways to grow a business with great visuals. Designers, artists, musicians, travel businesses, and more all benefit from visual base of Instagram.


Pinterest is a place many users go for ideas, making it a great place for artists, remodelers, interior designers, architects, luxury products, and other artistic businesses. Pinterest shows up well in search engine results— especially image results— giving you more opportunities to reach clients on keywords back to your business.

And Many More...

We work on a variety of platforms, but these are the primary ones we use for businesses. Reddit is a great resource but very strict about self-promotion. LinkedIn is great for professional networking.