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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is an important element of any digital marketing strategy. Every business can benefit from SEO. Depending on your service area and industry, the SEO strategy needed varies from client to client, industry to industry.
Our SEO services are designed to be effective for your brand. Our experts measure and track results to ensure that your business is showing up on relevant keyword searches.

Digital Accuracy

Is your business’s information correct across websites? Our most popular SEO service is Digital Accuracy management due to its affordably. Included with all SEO plans, our Digital Accuracy plan makes sure that your business shows up consistently online.

There are hundreds of online directories and our Digital Accuracy plan makes sure that your business’s information is reported correctly across them. When new ones come up, we’ll work with you to claim the listing and continue monitoring. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just rely on bots to our job. We back all of our SEO services with a human touch.

Local SEO

Don’t serve the nation or the world? Then we don’t need to worry about your national or worldwide rankings (though that may be a side benefit of our efforts). When it comes to local SEO, our team focuses on raising your visibility within your service area. We utilize a variety of techniques to competitively rank your business locally.

We include Digital Accuracy with our SEO plans because ensuring accuracy across platforms is the foundation of SEO. The difference with a local SEO plan is that we work on your content and link-building efforts so that you can rank higher.

Our local SEO plans come in two tiers. Speak to a representative to determine which Local SEO plan is right for you. You’ll receive a monthly report with information related to our efforts and your increase

Premium SEO

Whether your business services the country, or the world, you need Premium SEO services to rank competitively throughout. With our Premium SEO services, our experts work diligently to generate more traffic, increase sales, raise your brand visibility, and develop quality content that makes all of these things happen.

When it comes to SEO, be sure you understand what service you receive. Our Premium SEO services include creative writing and content marketing.

Proven Results

We track your performance and work diligently to improve rankings on relevant keywords and determine new keywords useful to your business. We can prove our efforts work by demonstrating traffic increases, organic keyword findings, and of course: conversion data. If you’re just posting online, throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, you’re missing out on opportunities. Let’s take a strategic approach to SEO in a way that makes sense for your business.

White Hat Practices

Whether or not you choose to work with Zen for your SEO strategy, it’s important to pick an organization that offers white hat SEO practices. There are plenty of companies providing SEO services, but be wary of those guaranteeing fast results as these often include black hat practices that can get your domain penalized in the long run. Link-building strategies are especially important alongside link monitoring.

SEO Consulting (DIY)

Not all companies have an SEO budget and that is ok. Some businesses prefer to learn on their own or have someone in-house who has the ability to learn. If you would like an audit call (330)247-1389 or follow our blog for regular updates about digital marketing and SEO practices.

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