Website Consult and Customized Solutions Report

$99.00 30 minutes

Not sure what website platform is right for you or your organization? You need a website consultation. We’ll listen to your goals, factor in your (and/or your team’s) experience, budget objectives, and other considerations to determine the solution best suited for your business. Lean on our experience!

Tooltip TextThere is a seemingly infinite number of possibilities when it comes to website design. From DIY platforms like WIX to content management systems like WordPress, we've worked with clients on a variety of platforms.

Our understanding of digital opportunities, in conjunction with our experience with web design and day-to-day business operations, will provide you with insights you won't likely find elsewhere.

What You'll Receive

To better determine which platforms will work for you business, we'll have to talk to you. During the call, we’ll learn more about your business, experience, and comfortability with technology.

Whether it is on Zoom or via telephone, you will want to make sure that you are in front of a computer, just in case.

Within one-business day of our call, the recommendations will be emailed to you in PDF format. You’ll have a place of reference and confidence moving forward with your decision. In most cases, clients will receive 3 or more platforms that match their needs, in addition to the pros and cons of each in relation to their business.

We want to help you understand how a website can improve your business and which options are best suited for you needs.

Time is Money

We know that your time is valuable. By utilizing a service like this, you can eliminate some guesswork and research time from your task. We're not a bot built deliver cookie-cutter solutions you could have read in a blog. We're humans ready to have a conversation with you and advise you around the platforms that we believe will work best for your business and objectives.