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Since 2013, we’ve helped small and large companies generate business online. Our small business background gives us unique insights to lower costs and maximize returns on search marketing efforts. The Zen SEO Audit is thorough and informative. We’ll review the 5-key areas related to ranking on search engine results and provide you with a full report and analysis. With this report, you’ll be able to make guided changes to your website to properly optimize it for search engines. The report will be delivered via email in PDF format.

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Search engine optimization is vital to a highly trafficked website. An SEO Audit is the first step in assessing your company’s online presence. Our complete search engine audit examines 5 key areas of ranking: technical, content, competition, link, and social.

Technical Audit

The technical portion of our SEO Audit examines components such as 4xx errors and duplicate content. We’ll identify and itemize a list of the technical errors we discover as we go.

Content Audit

We analyze the content of your website, including header tags and metadata information to understand how your website is ranking for keywords and where you can better optimize your website to improve your rankings.

Competitive Audit

We’ll examine up to 3 of your competitors and how they rank compared to your business on search engines. This report will provide insights to strategize outranking your competition.

Link Audit

Understanding your linking profile is vital to your search engine optimization strategy. We’ll analyze your internal and external links. We’ll provide insights as to how to help you grow your social media presence.

Social Audit

How is your social presence? Social networks play an important role in how your company ranks online. Search engines like Google care about your social media presence. Companies with a strong social media presence increase trust among consumers. We’ll examine your social media presence and provide insights about how to grow your business on social channels.

Perfect for Small & Large Organizations

Whether you a one-person operation or a large corporation, your business can benefit from a Search Engine Audit. If you aren’t sure about expensive monthly search engine campaigns, an SEO Audit from a professional agency will provide you the insights you need to improve your content and start ranking better in search engines.

If you’re thinking about getting aggressive with your search engine marketing strategy, an SEO Audit is a necessary tool for any company you work with.

Turn-Around Time

3-4 business days from placing your order and answering the question we provide. If you require a 2-day turn-around, please contact our office prior to ordering: 330-247-1389. There is a $75 rush charge if we have enough room on our schedule to complete.


We’ll analyze up to 50-pages for this amount. If you have a larger website, please call 330-247-1389 or Contact Us Here.