Email Marketing

For users, email marketing can be an absolute nightmare. Stores are sending them announcements every other day with the latest breaking online sale. To make matters worse, the last time they signed up for information online, not seeing the fine print, their email address winds up on more lists and before you know it, half their day is deleting and unsubscribing to various email lists. We don’t need to convince you that a lot of people do not want to cough over their email address without incentive and a guarantee you’re not going to 1) sell their information, or 2) constantly try to sell them things. With all the hurdles, would email marketing be a good fit for your business? Yes. As long as you are methodical in your approach and consistent.

Authentic Newsletters via Email

Much like social media, your focus should not be selling. People want to connect with your brand outside normal needs for your service when they’re getting something else of value. Look at email marketing as a way of maintaining a relationship with your customers. What are you giving them?

At Zen, we use our email list to communicate important industry updates to our clients. We will announce sales or plug services we offer, but we are sure to focus on providing information that benefits them first and foremost. We advise our clients in the same way.

How Email Marketing Works with Zen

We like to be a part of your team. Many small and mid-sized companies cannot afford an entire marketing department, but would greatly benefit from one. We get to know your business while working with you to develop a strategy that works with your existing customer and lead base to increase sales, generate customer feedback, and build a relationship between the customer and your brand.

Our team will consult with you and prep the newsletter, leaving ample time to go back and forth with your team before sending the company newsletter out for all regular campaigns.

Advancements in technology permit us to customize email marketing lists and automate email follow-ups. For example, if someone completes an online survey and is interested in your product, but has not ordered. We can set automated rules that follow up with missed sales opportunities.


The bottom line: there are many creative ways to keep in contact with your current and potential customers without becoming burdensome to them. Let us help you develop a solid strategy and process to keep people connected to your business.