A website outline helps to organize the content that will make up your website. Whether you design a website yourself or hire an agency to build a website for you, a website outline is needed to understand the direction of a website. They are also helpful in organizing your thoughts and focusing your messaging.

How Do I Make a Website Outline?

We recommend first listing out the pages you want to have on your website. Then list the main points for each page.


You have two seconds to capture a user’s attention when they land on your webpage. High converting websites have a clear call to actions that encourages contact or sales. It is helpful to identify the goal of your website so you can clearly determine the actions you want users to take when they land on your homepage.

About Your Website

It is important that users know about you or your organization. Your about page should focus on the mission of your company and what makes you different!


If you want to show up better on search engines like Google, it is important that you include a great deal of text content on your website in addition to optimizing images and other data on your website. If this ranking well is a goal of yours, express this to your web design team for better optimization searches. Your services pages are a great place to increase your content and break up your pages.

For people looking to build an economical website, skip the optimizations and break out services pages. It could be an idea you add in the future as you grow. Just have a service page and briefly describe each service within the page.


Depending on your website project, you may need other pages. In many cases, companies opt to have more pages. This not only helps search engine rankings but also provides users with new information that keeps them on your website instead of bouncing right off.

Information-rich websites can appear in Google results in unique ways. Have you ever seen the highlighted question-and-answer response on Google?

Optimizing a website for search engines, in addition to working a search engine strategy ensure that your business is showing up where it matters most: organically.

Considerations Developing Website Content

Search engine rankings are not the only considerations when it comes to building a website. You want a website to generate an action from the user. An e-commerce site’s primary goal is to sell products. In a service-oriented business, a user encourages users to contact them.

Websites are an early step in the sales process, so it is important that you have a website that has a clear call to action and is easy to navigate.

Additional Resources:

Utilize the links below to learn more about the types of content and materials you will need to build a website.

DIY Website Design

While many startup companies plan professional website design and maintenance into the initial startup costs, there are some companies that lack the cash flow to get a website up and running. Those startups often opt for DIY website design because it is more affordable than working with an agency. With website builders with e-commerce functions like Shopify or GoDaddy, someone with moderate-level tech skills can launch a website.

If you want to build a website, but would like to discuss options and what would work best for your business, call or contact us here and request a consultation.