When it comes to payment processors, WooCommerce offers a lot. From the latest payment apps to major banks, WordPress is a trusted platform for online sales. Determining which online payment processor is right for your WooCommerce store is ultimately up to you. We are going to provide some of our most recommended.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe is our personal favorite. It is a free plugin; you just pay to have it configured when you work with a professional. Even technologically challenged clients are able to navigate the Stripe dashboard and it is similar to PayPal in terms of fees.

When you choose Stripe, your developer will need you to provide both TEST and LIVE keys. No matter what payment processor you choose for your store, you will be required to set up an account and manage the money moving in and out of it.

Strip accepts a wide array of payment options. Please speak with a developer regarding the Strip integrations or visit their website for more information.


We recommend turning on the PayPal payment processor. There are users that enjoy the protection of PayPal. PayPal fulfills payments off-page which offers customers who are unfamiliar with a brand the ability to complete a transaction while knowing the website will not have access to their credit or debit card number.

Banking Payment Gateways

Chase, Bank of America, Huntington, and more all have payment gateways as part of WooCommerce. Many of these come with an annual fee of around $125 in addition to more comprehensive testing as part of the configuration process. Sometimes banks offer less of a fee per sale which is why larger, high-volume stores may opt for a processor from their bank.

Choosing the Right Payment Processor

If you are a new business, we recommend a free processor to begin. While you may pay a higher fee than a bank per transaction, many clients find that this ends up costing less than the banking options the first couple of years of business. Regardless of which payment processor you choose, when you work with a professional web development agency, they will work with you to determine which solutions work best for your business.