There are several types of content your web developer will need when developing your website. While web development is a skilled trade, there is still considerable information a web development team will need from you to complete your website design.

1. Products / Services Offered

The products and/or services your company offers are critical to determining the strategy and layout of your new website. The more content you provide about your services, the less content the developer or content writer has to create.

While general points about your services or products are helpful, the more information on your website the better. For starters, Google and other search engines care more about content than any other factor in ranking a website. If you are having the web developer optimize the pages for search engines, understand that the more content you provide, the less time they will have in writing the content for the service page(s).

2. About Your Company

Customers care to learn about your business. We recommend providing your mission statement and some background about your company. When was your company established? Were there important milestones along the way? Key team members, you want to feature? All of these are important considerations when writing about your company.

You will also need to provide your company contact information such as an address, phone number, fax, and more.

3. Logo & Company Colors

Your company logo is vital to developing the color selections and general look and feel of your website. Provide a high-resolution image of your logo and your developer will format it the best way for your web design project.

If there are select colors you use for your branding, provide the HEX colors to your web development team. This ensures that the same colors are used throughout the design process for consistent branding across materials.

4. Photos / Direction for Stock Photo Use

Not all companies have a lot of photos which is why stock photos are so popular. Agencies like ours have access to millions of stock photos. The more photos and examples you provide, the better the development team can create an aesthetically pleasing web design.

5. Notification Contacts

When someone fills out a contact form on your website, where do you want the notifications to go? Provide your developer with the relevant email addresses for your contact form(s).

6. E-Commerce

If you are building an e-commerce website aka a webstore, you’re going to need to put together even more materials to begin your project. Remember: the more organized the information, the less time, and thus the less cost associated with your project. Learn about the Materials Needed for an E-Commerce Website here.

Get Ready

It’s either time for you to get to work putting some of these materials together, or it’s time to start a conversation. Either way, utilize our printable PDF checklist to aid you in gathering the materials needed for your website.

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