There are many factors that weigh into the cost of a website. This is why web design and development costs can vary greatly between companies. Web development costs include one-time fees and ongoing cost considerations. Ultimately, if you are looking to have a website professionally designed, you want to have at least $3,000 budgeted. This post aims to break down the development costs associated with a website that goes beyond the code.

1. The Obvious Web Design Costs

Once a web team has a clear understanding of what your company wants, an agency can more accurately detail the cost of coding, creating images, and creating the features that make the website function.

Our web team keeps costs down by providing our client’s examples and frequent check-ins for feedback regarding the look and feel of the website. What is most helpful is when your team provides a few websites that you really like. This ensures that you get closer to the website you want in the early drafting phases. Indecision will cost you.

2. Hosting & Maintenance

If your website is a house, hosting is the land that it sits on. Most agencies that offer hosting also offer the maintenance to properly upkeep the website. At Zen, our Hosting & Maintenance plan ensures your website is running up-to-date versions of plugins, PHP, and themes. WordPress websites, much like your smartphones and other devices, are routinely making security and functionality improvements. Keeping your website’s core files up-to-date is the best way to ensure that your website works well for years to come.

Hosting & Maintenance can be paid monthly or annually. At Zen, we provide 2 months of hosting and maintenance FREE when you opt for annual billing.

3. Domains

A domain is the name that a user types into a browser to access your website. Some companies have more than one domain pointed to the same website. On average, a domain costs between $20-$50 per year. However, this does not include privacy and other security additions that we recommend.

Domain security is increasingly popular as scammers have found new ways to scam people out of domains. Working with a professional company to obtain and manage your domains is helpful in the longevity and security of your website.

4. Consulting & More

Whenever you build a website there is considerable time put into customer communication and consultation. This is critical in the early stages of the website and the consulting and strategizing direct the project. A good project manager is going to maximize your consulting and strategy time to streamline the coding-end of your project. Understanding your needs and expectations lessens the amount of editing. Designers are able to get closer to customers’ goals in the early phases of the web project.

5. Other Considerations & Tips

When it comes to selecting a web development agency, the price cannot be the only factor you consider. Freelancers offer lower rates but they are not as dependable as an established agency. An agency like ours has multiple people to carry out your project efficiently.

A website is often the first impression someone has regarding your business. It is important that you deliver a stellar first impression. A professional web development company will help you do this.

Now that you have an idea of what costs are associated with developing a website, learn Tips to Lower the Cost of Your Website Project.