While it is only September, it is time to start thinking about your holiday strategy for your business. Every year, major retailers get further and further ahead. It is important that your business is ready to go for the holiday season. That is why we put together a Digital Holiday Checklist.

Update Holiday Hours on all Business Directories

From Google My Business to Yelp! it is important to make sure that your holiday hours match your business. People doing last minute shopping want to see accurate hours. If you don’t have clear hours, you might lose business!

Update Your Website

Make sure your holiday hours are clearly posted on your website. Highlight major offerings on your homepage. And be sure to update any shipping deadlines (continue reading for more details about that).

Early Shopping Specials

The box stores love Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Many people plan their shopping around this time to lock in the best deals. This can be challenging for small businesses as they often cannot compete with lower rates. One thing local shops can consider, outside of Small Business Saturday, is to create an earlier offering and reminder your patrons they are supporting a local or owner-operated business. It matters!

Clear Holiday Shipping Deadlines

When is the last day that you can get a customer their order on time? Make sure that date is clear and visible on your website! Consider adding a banner with a link to your shop policies.

Strategize Social Media Content Through the End of the Year

This does not mean you have to plan every post but have a good idea of what products and services you want to offer during the season. What are your biggest sellers? What products/services are easily gifted to others. Make sure you are regularly posting and getting your brand in the holiday mix.

Offer Gift Card Incentives

Bonus cash gift cards are a great option for any business. Consider an extra $5-10 for every $50 spent!

Non-profits: Encourage People to Make Donations as Gifts

Put together offerings for people to donate in the name of others. Consider adding a gift with certain donation amounts. Is there a local shop you can work with to coordinate an offering? Let’s put the community back in the holiday season by working together.

Enjoy The Holidays

The holidays are wonderful and they can be a bit stressful too. We hope these tips help you get ready for the Holiday Season online.

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