Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a digital marketing buzzword since Google. Way back when organic rankings were the only way to make your website appear in Google Search results. Now, there are many ways to rank on the first page of Google. The problem is unless a person is in digital advertising, they don’t often grasp the complexities of ranking their website on Google.

A lack of understanding about search engine optimization has created opportunities for digital marketers to exploit services for financial gain. Sometimes clients come to us frustrated that they don’t have better organic search engine results even though they’re paying monthly for SEO. This is because no two search engine optimization plans are created the same.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website for readability. Search engines like Google are constantly updating the rules around what qualifies as best optimization practices. This why getting your website optimized once won’t guarantee lasting results. When you have a monthly SEO plan, ideally the company is doing several things: monitoring your site, updating the metadata and other tags, creating and improving content, and earning your website high-quality backlinking.

SEO is one of those services where you don’t always get what you pay for if you’re working with the wrong agency. Some domain and web building companies claim to offer SEO. In my experience when clients come to our agency having spent anywhere from $80-$250 per month with little to no traffic. They learn the hard way that “optimization” is them paying a fee for a person to optimize the website once and sit back and collect $80+ month.

Other agencies offer SEO monitoring and clients are under the impression that their organic rankings are improving because they’re spending a few hundred dollars per month. That is not the case! SEO monitoring is a valuable tool, but it’s important that the monitoring information is put to use.

And no matter what cheap offers companies are throwing you if content development is not part of your SEO strategy: you’re not going to generate the traffic necessary to improve your business.

Ready for Real SEO?

Real SEO is the cheapest way to generate traffic and includes a content strategy that fosters link building. A solid content strategy is going to earn your business more than more traffic. The right content will establish your business as an industry authority.

Most often, the “search engine optimization” term means the work performed happens on-page. SEO as a service should ensure that all of your digital efforts are working together for the best search engine marketing possible. Still, feeling confused? Schedule a FREE Discovery Call Today and get some of your questions answered.