If your company is not utilizing social media it is missing out on sales and branding opportunities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of social media grew with new users creating accounts, and more than half of the world is now using social media. If social media is not part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out!

Our agency works with two types of clients: those who manage their social media in-house and those who have us manage it for them. If you’re asking yourself, how can they have clients who manage their own social media? We provide training and consulting sessions. It helps clients who want to manage their own social media but don’t have all the knowledge about how to do it. It’s also helpful in situations where the person who manages your social media in-house changes. If you don’t have time to train them and teach them, that is where an agency like ours can be useful.

Managing your social media in-house has its advantages. If you’re managing your social media accounts by yourself, you can save some money you would pay to someone else to manage it for you.

What it really boils down to is: do you have the time to plan and execute a social media strategy?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to invest your time into learning more about managing social media. While anyone can create a social media account, few lack the patience and consistency to build an engaged following. We offer personalized Zoom instruction that covers time-saving management tips, content ideas, and more.
There are plenty of classes, blogs, and resources to learn more about social media management for your business. Contact the one that speaks to you! You’re not going to learn everything that someone with years of experience has practiced in a couple of days. Finding a company you feel comfortable consulting with is a great asset to your digital strategy.

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Focus On?

Facebook and YouTube are the most popular social networking platforms. Developing content for both of these is encouraged because of their reach. While YouTube may be difficult to implement if you do not have video experience, Facebook offers the creator a multitude of content sharing possibilities.

Instagram is great for businesses and persons who can visually communicate about their business. LinkedIn is especially useful for networking among other professionals. And Twitter is an excellent platform for a variety of reasons.

Ultimately, especially if you are managing your social media in-house, it’s best to start with the platform(s) that you feel more comfortable on.

Outsourcing Social Media

Outsourcing your social media management may be more affordable than you think. An agency will develop a strategy and the content necessary to pull it off. An agency will also track results and work with you to ensure that you’re maximizing your potential with social media. You can run your business and the agency will worry about running your social media.

The right agency will also help you understand the importance of your social media presence in your overall search engine rankings. They’ll be able to take your content and adapt it for each platform. They can also work as or with your web developer to make sure that your links format properly when shared on Facebook and Twitter.

There are a lot of ins and outs to proper social media management and an agency will help you manage the tasks involved so all you have to do is worry about approving content and sharing information about your services.

The right agency is going to get to know your business much like an employee would. When you let a company be a part of your team, they’re going to work to deliver results and continue earning your business.