Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a buzzword since Google gained popularity. When I first started building websites, SEO was the only way to get found on Google. While it’s still a specialized practice, many internet marketing companies have flooded the market with misinformation regarding what it is and what it does while simultaneously cheapening its value by offering “SEO” for a couple of hundred dollars per month absent work of doing anything to improve their client’s rankings. If I had a dime for every one person who said they were getting SEO for $150/month via their web host and their annual traffic figures were less than 100 visitors, I’d have at least a dollar.

SEO is More Cost Effective Than Paid Search

I don’t care how good your on-page is, alone it is not enough to improve your Google rankings on competitive keywords. A comprehensive SEO strategy is required if you want to start seeing traffic in the 5 and 6 figure range on an annual basis. Relying on paid advertising to generate high traffic volumes is significantly more expensive than SEO. Where paid ads will cost you more per click over time on average, SEO cost per click will lower over time when you have a plan. Don’t trust marketers that tell you SEO is free because no marketer is selling a free SEO plan.

Way back when SEO plans were thousands of dollars per month, few people possessed the knowledge and skill to deliver results. At this time, Google wasn’t charging $1-20 per click for companies to sit on top of the list. Your efforts were often rewarded with improved rankings. Over time, marketers and scammers grew better and Google saw an opportunity as more people wanted to use their search engine: they could guarantee results no one else could via paid ads. While there are still plenty of users who skim over paid ads, each year we see more people opting to click some of the first ads they see. On average, 40% of users click on the top 3 ad spots, which yields the remaining 60% going to organic clicks.

Building An Online Presence

You didn’t get your company to stand out in your community effortlessly. Branding is a process and the internet is a much bigger market to stand out in. Search engines display results from around the web. There are hundreds of free directories and social media sites to list your business. A comprehensive online marketing strategy is going to have your business utilizing SEO in every sense of the words and ensuring that your efforts across platforms work together to maximize your exposure.

If you’re ready to get serious about building your brand, let’s talk about how to take you to the next level.