Contrary to popular belief, not every company is keen on having social media. I have heard everything over the years from clients not pleased with their social media results—and that is largely because they fail to have realistic expectations.

No matter what part of the internet you are trying to work: search engines or social media, to get discovered it takes time and persistence—unless you are willing to pay. We can gripe all day about how unfair it is that giants like Facebook and Google continue to push for paid visibility, but that Is not going to change anything. Get proactive and remember that there are people doing well organically by adapting to other changes being made.

Visualize Your Brand

There is more than one way to build to a brand socially. The Kardashians and Jenners have huge followings. The social end of their brand is a fundamental component of their success. One thing this family has mastered is remaining a topic of conversation. Whether it’s Kylie Jenner lying about eating cereal for the first time, or the number of times the family has been caught using photoshop. Making your life look better than it is, that’s how social media started in the era of Keeping Up With The Kardashians who are more lavish than Jones’s ever were, a response to this fake online persona has been met with a wave of personal, open, and honest influencers as well.

The body positivity movement has made waves on a global level. The brands that have grown during the demand of inclusivity is astounding. While it was not the brands that were pushing for this inclusivity, rather social media influencers who cared to get real, like blogger Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda). Megan opened up about her eating disorder, dysmorphia, and confronted her internalized shame in a way that resonated with people around the world. Now she has over a million followers, a book, and she chooses to work with brands that share her vision. Chances are somewhere between Kardashian and Megan, you’ll find your brand identity. We’ve put together a small workbook to help you identify your brand: Click Here.

Network Online

The same way you network your business face-to-face, start networking your brand on social media. Get out there! Interact! It takes time but it pays off. Connect with similar brands and most importantly, social media influencers who can help you promote brand in an organic way. If you’re asking yourself, what the heck is an influencer? A social media influencer is someone with established credibility in a particular industry, who also has access to a large audience. When you’re looking for influencers to work with, you’ll want one that is relevant to your customers.

Careful not to pick influencers that share a lot of sponsored content because their message becomes diluted. You want someone authentically promoting your brand, otherwise, the influence is not going to be as effective

For The Love Of… Take better Pictures!

This is the biggest mistake I see brands make day in and day out. Clients will send me work photos that fail to follow the basic principals of photography. In today’s day and age, with the quality of cell phone photos and the demand for more put together images, it’s time to step up your game and take better photos. Center your object, take the time to move debris away. If you are limited the photo you can take, get creative: try another angle or improve the lighting if possible.

This rule is one-hundred times truer if you are on Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform where nicely captured photos are the norm. 

Consistency is Key to Better Engagement

Look, if everyone just started posting things and built a following in ten seconds, social media would not be a multi-billion-dollar industry. You have to work at it and your effort won’t always be matched with reward. This is where authenticity will help you see this process through and help you reach more like-minded people. If you’re looking to use social media solely as a means to generate more sales, you’re doing it wrong and users will see it.
While it may not seem that you have something to share with the public every day, that is where your creativity comes in. What kind of things do you talk about at work? What do you and your customers discuss? What have you learned about your years in business?

Share information outside what you have to sell! It’s best when you share things that other people are encouraged to re-share. Twitter and Facebook thrive on easily sharing content. While Instagram has its fair share of re-post accounts, the re-sharing of images is not as encouraged as it is on other platforms. Either way, content that people find relatable is what improves your engagement over time.

Plan Content Ahead of Time

Like anything in business, it is best when you are ahead of the game. You know your industry and the way the seasons flow around it. Plan content around the things you know. These things can fill the space between what is happening in real time that’s worth sharing.

If you don’t have the time for this list, we can help. We offer a variety of plans the build your online presence and ensure your messaging is consistent across platforms in an effort to build your brand’s visibility online. We can be as hands on or hands off as you need. Call us today for a consultation.