No matter what your line of work is: holiday marketing is a good thing. People are in the buying mood this time of year and with so many options, how do you stand out? How do you communicate that what you sell or what you do is a good buy this time of year? Here are five tips to increase your sales this holiday season. For assistance marketing and communicating your ideas, give us a call!

1. Gift Cards!

It doesn’t matter what you do; gift cards make a great gift! Be sure to make them presentable. Many small business owners do not have the ability to print on fancy debit card style gift cards. That’s ok! Take the time to get an order of nice holiday cards. Buy some stock paper and print out the gift cards to place in the holiday card. If you need assistance designing gift cards, give us a call. We can provide you with a custom file to meet your paper requirements. We can even print and send the cards to you or recommend a place for you to order cards yourself! Contact us for a custom quote.


2. Offer Extra Value!

Who doesn’t love a great deal? When you’re advertising, provide an incentive: we’ll add $10 for every $50 you spend up (includes gift cards)! Make it so your shoppers can opt to have an additional gift card with purchases

Another great way to enhance your gift card value is to package services for a low price. Provide a variety of packages to match any budget. Customize your gift cards for each package. Be sure to be specific to ensure customers clearly understand what they are getting for the gift card.


3. Freebies!

Giving a customer a little something extra is a great way to increase sales. A coffee shop could throw in a free mug or coffee sample; a spa could provide a branded facial towel and some product samples, etc. To ensure you’re not losing money, include the freebie with a bottom price for the freebie. For example, a complimentary towel, samples, and wrapping when you purchase a gift card of $100 or more.