Once upon a time, social networking sites (SNS) were for “young” people. In fact, when Facebook first came about, it was designed for college students. Fast-forward to the present and it’s possible your 80-something-year-old grandmother may have a Facebook page!

The digital world transforms rapidly and in the blink of an eye you can find yourself (and your business), behind the times. Here’s 5 Reasons You Need To Get Social, NOW!


Show Up Better in Search Results

How many times have you heard: “just Google it”?

Yeah. Not as many people are wasting time thumbing through the phonebook anymore. They grab the nearest device with internet capabilities and type in exactly what they are looking for.

As Jason DeMers, SEO and social media guru, wrote for Forbes:

“One factor Google takes into consideration for domain authority is the following you have on your social platforms. As a simple example, if your brand has 10,000 likes on Facebook and 10,000 followers on Twitter, you’ll have a higher authority and higher search rankings than a similar brand with 100 likes and 100 followers. Build your following by regularly posting interesting material, and engaging your audience directly by responding to their comments or opening up public discussions. Check for updates multiple times throughout the day, and be personable to attract even more people.


A word of caution: Google is able to tell when your following is real and when it is comprised of spam accounts. Don’t resort to paying for new likes or followers directly; doing so typically fills your audience with bot accounts or fake profiles, which will do more harm than good for your online reputation. Stick to building your audience naturally, even if it takes longer.”

More People Connected Then Ever Before

Pew Research Center’s most recent survey study, Social Media Site Usage 2014, shows some dramatic changes:

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.52.34 AM



Brand Awareness

With the number of people from all demographics online, social media provides an excellent tool to target and raise brand awareness to those most likely to be interested in your brand. By developing a creative strategy to reach out to your network, you’ll constantly build your following.

There is something to be said for having a lot of followers and establishing trust among those followers that converts to sales. One often overlooked way of building trust is by engaging with your audience. For this reason, it’s important to build a targeted following likely to engage with your brand.

Building trust among your followers isn’t the only benefit of engagement. Facebook has made it increasingly more difficult for your brand to get recognized as the importance of using their advertising has grown. You page won’t show up in a newsfeed much unless people continuously interact with your page. The more a person interacts with your page, the more likely you are to show up in their feed regularly.

When you buy cheap likes, typically it’s a network of people who rely on fake profile and bots – which not only are social platforms cracking down on, search engines are too.

Another aspect of showing up better in feeds is by regularly posting content. Content is of growing importance (just like the trend we see with search engines). A great strategy to go alongside of your regular content development is to ask questions and generate customer feedback. It builds your brand by demonstrating that you care about what the customer has to say.


Customer Feedback

When you focus on working and building an active, engaged audience you can reach out to them for input. While it’s great to have people leave comments with feedback, it’s equally good to post anonymous polls on your website. This will not only drive traffic, but it will likely lead to more feedback (not everyone likes putting their name and opinion out for the world to see).

Bonus: incentivize people to take part in polls! For example, if you’re an ice cream store and you put a poll out there to get feedback about people’s favorite flavor on your website and you share it on social media, say “free cone for taking part in this survey!” When the user completes the poll they’re taken to a page where they can print out their free cone coupon.


It’s Fun!

Ok, so maybe not for everyone in which case they hire nerds like us to have fun promoting their brand. If you are into doing social media on your own, don’t be afraid to let your personality come through your brand.