Have you heard that the new Mozilla Firefox update uses Yahoo! as it’s default search engine? That means you could be gaining more traffic from Yahoo, which is powered by Bing search.

What’s the Difference Between Optimizing For Google vs Bing

The truth is, not a whole lot, same general principle. Here’s the biggest differences we find:

  • Yahoo/Bing rewards media (pictures, flash, video, etc.) more than Google. Google’s search bots aren’t as good at flash especially.
  • Bing likes keywords more than back links, and prefers anchor text links. With Google, you have to be a bit more careful here with changes in their algorithm.
  • Bing puts more importance on social media vs. backlinks. Recent Google updates seem to suggest social media may play a larger role in SEO efforts, but Bing is more concerned with social media than Google.
  • Bing doesn’t index all of your webpages. Google does.


Market Share

As of November 2014, the Desktop Search Engine Market Share shows Google Global (53.74%), Baidu (31.32%), Bing (10.81%), Yahoo Global (3.52%), AOL Global (0.15%), Ask Global (0.07%) and Other (0.39%).

About 8% of internet users use Firefox as their browser. Each website varies in the percentage of their total traffic. For example, 23% of your website traffic may use Mozilla Firefox.


What Should You Do

As mentioned above, take a look at the percentage of your traffic that comes from Firefox. Depending on the percentage, you can get a better idea about how long before you should start optimizing for Yahoo!. Ideally, one should start right away, but if you have other pressing issues, Google is still the priority for most company’s SEO plans.