It’s time to get creative. Whether you offer products or services — you’re going to compete for attention. Big name brands buy up lots of advertising space and offer insane deals that some little shops cannot even begin to fathom. So how do you compete?


Offer Gift Cards, Discounts and/or Special Packages

Anything you can do to show your customer base that you’re offering them a great deal. A popular one, especially for service-based companies, is gift card deals: Every $50 you spend on a gift card, we’ll add $10.

One needs to be wise about pricing their discounts and special offer — 30% off the entire store Small Business Saturday, and 10% off the entire store until December 23rd may be an enticing deal for shoppers. But is it good for you?

When determining the percent off for products/entire store, think about your average profit per item. If your profit margin is less than 30% of the total value of a number products, it probably wouldn’t be wise to offer a blanket percent off that high, or at least exclude those goods.


Social Media

It’s time to ramp up your social media account without being overly selly (there is a fine line). It’s important to share things you relate to during the holiday season—and that your customers enjoy.

While it’s important you educate your audience about the specials and deals you have going on, it’s equally important that you humanize your company. In other words, have fun too! Let your personality show!

Each company’s approach to social media will be (and should be) a bit different. An average local shop’s audience is a bit more narrow than that of an e-commerce website.

holiday meme

Example of a holiday meme to share throughout the season


Ok, so people are getting a lot of these. Depending on what you’re selling / offering for the holidays, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) may be perfect for you. With the right printer you can ensure low costs.

When you do an EDDM you target specific zip codes. The best way to stand out is to have an over-sized postcard or flyer that has a nice thick card-stock. If you’re a local shop it’s perfect because you can select zip codes near your shop.

If you’re considering an EDDM mailer, you’ll want to get started soon. You’ll need a solid timeline. If you’re trying to hit holiday shoppers you need to be strategic and anticipate mail delays.

For example, you’ll likely want one out within the first two weeks of November, a secondary one the first or second week in December. We recommend a follow up in late December / early January with special after-holiday deals.

In order to accomplish this, you must establish an adequate budget because it is important to do follow up mailers as that increases the return value. Studies show that those who follow up with another mailer or two have better response rates.

We offer very competitive rates!! In some instances, the cost per piece printed and ship is cheaper than a regular stamp!

EDDM is a great to use year-round! Direct Mail Marketing is also a terrific way to get in the door. Direct mail enables us to more specifically target an audience. For example we could target homeowners with incomes over $75,000.


6″ x 11″ EDDM mailer. This was printed on beautiful, sturdy 14pt high gloss postcard card stock.

Local Print Magazines, Newspapers and Corresponding Digital Ads

A lot of communities have a small variety of magazines with ads and deals. Most are delivered to homes. Some of these deliver to specific neighborhoods with higher income values, others go to just about everyone. Either way it’s a great way to get a colorful ad out there. We recommend a minimum of a half page.

Newspapers are also a great way to advertise to your local community. A lot of newspapers also have digital ads and some offer deals when you purchase both.

It’s important to note that when utilizing this kind of print media that you have a nice-sized marketing budget. Print can get pretty pricey.


Take Advantage of Our Free Consultation

We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation (don’t worry if we go a little over, you’re not billed). You’ll speak directly to an expert consultant who can assist you in configuring a marketing budget, provide a basis for preparing a marketing strategy, and provide feedback regarding your existing media.

The call is scheduled at a time that works for both you and the consultant. The consultant will need some background information about your company and existing media samples (for example, your website and social media pages). The consultant will review these materials prior to the call.

If you don’t have any existing media and are looking for a quote for service, you may utilize this call to develop a budget and get a general idea of the costs for various services.

There’s no obligation with this call. Of course we hope to earn your business in some way, but we will not constantly bombard you with calls or emails if you opt not to utilize our services.