It’s hard to be a small, mom and pop style shop these days: especially during this time of year! Let’s face it; many don’t have the budget to slash prices like Target or Walmart. And if we’re being equally honest, most families don’t have the holiday budgets they used to—and it’s hard to turn away from the “steals” of the season.

These “deals” to come at a significant price, which is why shoppers should understand the importance of shopping in their community. When you purchase locally — that’s money that stays in your community, contributes to local job growth, wage increases, and more. Click here for summaries of studies regarding the impact of bigbox retail and local shops.


Your Spending Keeps Giving

Did you know that on average small businesses donate 250% more to non-profits than big-box retailers?

So when you support a community business, it’s more likely that your money is going to go towards other good deeds within your local community.

Furthermore, most small business owners understand the importance of providing their workforce with a livable wage:

”Small business owners understand that their success depends on the overall health of the U.S. economy, since by and large they can’t export their way out of a slump in the U.S. And they recognize that, within limits, when workers are paid more, they spend more, and that helps the economy. 58 percent of small business owners believe that raising the minimum wage would increase consumer purchasing power. Similarly, 56 percent say that raising the minimum wage will help the economy overall.”

shop local

Ideas for Spending Money In Your Community This Holiday Season

Gift cards make a unique gift for the holidays and encourage your loved one to visit a place that they may not have been to. What about a trip to a local spa, an annual membership to a fitness club or naturopathic doctor, an automotive detail service from a local shop, or for groceries at a local market (great way to support local farms too!).

Art makes for a fantastic gift! Support local artists and galleries with locally crafted art.


Buy some toys from a local store. I just love local toy shops, they carry some of the most unique toy ideas. Sure, they can be more expensive that the big chains or online retailers: but just remember how that extra money goes to work in your community and splurge a little.

Clothes and Gadgets can be purchased at all kinds of little shops, especially pre-owned ones! The thought of owning something that once belonged to someone else creeps some people out. A lot of the nicer, local consignment shops have great looking clothes. This is a great way to spend money locally and stretch your budget.

We understand budgets might be crunched, but please recognize how your money works in the local community. If you get 10 friends to pledge to spend at least $100 at local shops, that’s $1,000 that’s staying in your community! If everyone told ten friends… The possibilities are endless.

Small Business Saturday is Saturday, November 29th

Small Business Saturday started in 2010 as a way to grow attention to the plight of small businesses amidst Black Friday and Cyber Monday steals. It’s grown as companies like American Express began advocating for people to shop at their local businesses that Saturday and talk about it on social media to spread the word about awesome businesses within their community.

No matter what day you spend your money locally, just do it: at least $100 of it.