Whether your office is out of your home or you go to a building everyday, there are ways to green up your office and save some money at the same time. From making your own chemical free cleaners to integrating more paperless systems–we’ve got some solutions for you!


DIY Cleaners

Even though some cleaners may say “chemical free” or “green” on the label, it’s not always the case. Product labels can be misleading and–since cleaning product manufacturers aren’t required to list ingredients on their labeling or website–it can be difficult for consumers to find out what’s really in their cleaning products.

Luckily there are numerous cheap and easy ways to make your own natural cleaners. From Stone Naturopathic, here’s a great recipe for an All Purpose Cleaner:

• 1 cup white vinegar: $0.60 (if that)
• 1 cup water: FREE
• Some drops of your favorite essential oil (we recommend doTERRA Lemon 15 ml for it’s antibacterial properties  AND the fact you can actually ingest this brand): approximately $0.50

Approximately $1.10!

Stone Naturopathic also has a great recipe for a Soft Scrub that works great in the bathroom:


Check out Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap, 18-in-1 Hemp Lavender, 32-Ounce if you haven’t used castile liquid soap before.


Paper, Paper, Paper!!

Most offices do a lot of printing and use a lot of paper. You can drastically cut down your paper usage by enabling double-sided printing options. You could cut your copy paper bills in half!

In terms of which paper to use, we recommend Brown Bear Tree Free and Bleach Free Premium Multipurpose Eco Friendly Copy Paper – 5 Ream Case.

Or a less expensive alternative: Canefields Premium Environmental Recovered Sugarcane Fiber Copy Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inches Sheets, 5 Ream Case, 2500 Sheets Total (CNF8511).


Electricity & Gas Use

Ok, so electricity is largely derived from coal, which–from extraction to the way it’s burned–is disgusting and terrible for the planet. The less electricity you use: the better!

The same goes for gas. With the new drilling methods, not only is the industry putting our water supply in serious jeopardy, it’s emitting methane into the air at a very rapid rate. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is more potent than CO2!!

To minimize your usage, make sure you turn off all the lights at night and shut down your electronics. If you’re running the air conditioning or heat, make sure they’re not running all night—after all, no one is there!

Also, it’s best to use energy efficient appliances and light-bulbs. It seems like common sense… But it’s always useful to have a friendly reminder!



Is there a need to be at the office everyday? If not, let employees work from home! Sometimes the biggest environmental footprint at a company is the number of people driving into work. Allowing employees to telecommute can also reduce real estate costs; if more employees work from home you may not need as many locations (assuming you have more than one).



Um, do we have to say too much about this? There are so many things you can recycle and some items, like ink, you can earn money back to purchase more! So why wouldn’t you recycle?



Ever print something you didn’t mean to? Something get messed up? Save the it and use the paper again. Use both sides of sticky notes and reuse as much scrap paper as possible!

Reuse binders, folders, etc. It all adds up!