Google cares about the long-term and for that: you have to be willing to make a commitment. Google will be good to you if you follow the rules and play fair. Understanding Google (to the best of your ability) is critical to making the relationship work and acquiring the traffic your website needs to be successful.

Whether you’re selling luxury handbags or providing alternative health services: you need people to find your business. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google in the top spot. A number of companies swear they can get you there (and that’s a load of garbage, learn more about SEO Scams here).

What’s the best way to have Google’s heart? Put the time and effort necessary to keep Google entertained.


You shoulda put a ring on it


How long do you plan on being in business? If you answered more than 10 years, go ahead and purchase your domain ( outright for the max amount of time permitted (10-years).

Sure, it seems like a big commitment. But, if you’re not serious…




Not only is purchasing a domain outright for the max term a good investment because you lock in the same price and don’t have to worry about renewing your domain for 10-years – it also let’s Google know you mean business.




Added bonus: this is a simple, relatively affordable solution to improve your search engine optimization. How much of a factor does it play? Honestly, it’s debatable. Every little bit helps, right? Right.


Spice it up!


When you crave a change you may dye your hair, buy a new car, get a new outfit, rearrange a room, or a million other things. The point is, you do something to alter what was getting old.





If you don’t update your content, it becomes the same-old-same-old; then Google gets bored and its eyes start to wander.





After all, when you’re this irresistible…



We know… naughty Google. But seriously, if you don’t spice it up, it gets boring for Google – who has to crawl your content whenever someone has a query related to your page. Are you seriously going to make Google review the same content over and over and over?




A regularly updated website is critical to Google! Whether you write a blog, update new products, refresh existing content, revamp your website: it’s all good! It let’s Google know you’re current.


What if you get lazy?


If Google has been good to you and you get lazy……




Don’t believe us? Check out a post by a webmaster who was used to making a lot of money:

I will say this about Panda/Penguin and Google’s algo improvements in general. I was the first to complain about how Google almost destroyed my business. It has been very hard. We have laid off numerous employees and lost more advertising customers than I can count. It’s cost us more than one potential acquirer. Safe to say that Panda/Penguin has cost me personally millions of dollars in the last 3 years.


And I believe, Google did the right thing with these improvements. I got comfortable and when you get comfortable you can get lazy. I got lazy. I didn’t innovate my sites. I didn’t improve the content like I should have. I didn’t police the scrapers and copyright thieves to protect my content. I didn’t employ the newest, fastest technology to make sure my users had the best possible experience. I didn’t do these things because we were getting $10,000’s of AdSense revenue a month without making any investments. I thought that would never change. Why invest in the health of the cash cow if it just keeps producing milk every single month with only minimal care?


Shame on me and every other webmaster that got comfortable. It’s like a marriage. You don’t get to stop working at impressing your spouse once you’re married. You have to keep working at it or one day, you’ll wake up and they’ll be gone.




Freshen It Up


Like any good relationship, you have to keep it mutually beneficial. Google likes to deliver relevant content to its users. The truth is no one actually “gets” Google completely; it’s an incredible complex algorithm to deliver relevant, current, accurate data… The more time and energy you invest in giving Google what it needs, the better off you are.

Mentos: The Freshmaker

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