For some business owners, social media appears to be a waste of time on the surface. This seems to be the case especially for some of our clients who do not have customers that come in every month or every six months. Sometimes maybe they’ll come in once a year.  So how does social media benefit them? Why should they put time, money, and energy into it?

Well, how does a billboard benefit a company? What is the point to putting your contact information on a large board off the highway? Do people really have time to write it down? We hope people aren’t driving and writing at the same time…

The idea for many companies when purchasing a billboard space is to be in front of a large audience regularly. So people on their way to and from work are exposed to the advertisement. Sure, they may not need personal injury lawyer now—and hopefully they won’t need him/her more than once—but their sign stays up as a reminder. After all, your company may be the first to come to their mind when a situation that creates a need for your product or services arises.

Social Media Does Things Print Can’t

Print ads for vehicle repairs, shopping sales, markets, cupcake places, etc. capture an audience and provide them with a quick blurb of information—and typically some incentive to act: call us for your free consultation! Save 5% with this coupon! Mention Code FREE1 to get the free gift with purchase!

Print ads do little to engage the prospective customer.

Social media is an excellent way for businesses to connect with their customer base—no matter how infrequently they use their services. But you don’t connect with your customers in the same way an advertisement does. It goes deeper than that. Now the conversation is two-sided.

Constant Visual

Like the billboard on the highway, your logo can display in a newsfeed in front of your prospects daily, weekly, monthly… However frequently they are exposed to your feed.

Let’s take Tom Muron, a tattoo artist from Cleveland. He has his own personal Facebook profile and he has a page. His fans obviously like tattoos. So when he shares information, it doesn’t always have to be his work, but he can share the work of others and engage his fans—or tips about tattoos and how they heal. While his clients may not get a tattoo but once a year, or even only once every ten years—he can stay in front of them so when they are ready: they think about him.

The same goes for automotive customers. People don’t necessarily want sales thrown in their face all day. In fact, a lot of expert social media blogs agree that you shouldn’t oversell your company. Instead, give them useful information, funny pictures, or things they can relate to (that may also relate to your business).

Truth Be Told

Of course, we don’t always know exactly how someone winds up in our stores or on the other end of our telephone line. We’re not going to pretend social media is the only way this happens. We’re simply making the case that is an affordable marketing option that can benefit you in many ways that print advertising cannot.